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White Hair Silver Needle Tea Loose Tea Baihao Yinzhen present beverage food for family birthday gift

White Hair Silver Needle Tea is the most famous Chinese white tea. Pronounced “Baihao Yinzhen,” Silver Needle Tea is the most expensive and most prized variety of white tea. The flavor is unlike any other tea: very mellow, delicate and sweet with a slight
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Silver Needle Tea - The Very Finest White Tea

Silver Needle tea is a unique and precious white tea. It is in fact considered the best of all white teas and also the most expensive.

What makes this tea so special?

Unlike other teas, this Chinese white tea is made exclusively of young unopened tea silver buds and no leaves or stems at all.

Brew a cup of this tea and experience its mellow light, yet quite refreshing flavor.

What is Silver Needle Tea?

This white tea is known as Bai Hao Yin Zhen in Chinese, which basically means “White Hair Silver Needle”. The young buds that make up this tea are needle-shaped and covered with fine hairs similar to white down.

Silver Needle tea originated in the Fuding and Zhenghe counties in the Chinese Fujian province. Here, this white tea is hand-picked very carefully so the buds are not damaged in the process.

The best tea comes from the first flush - or first harvest - that takes place between late March and early April, sometimes taking up just two days out of the year. This is called the imperial harvest.

Drinking Silver Needle Tea

A fine tea such as this one is, rare and expensive should be brewed correctly so you can enjoy its wonderfully subtle and refreshing flavor.

Let’s learn how to brew Silver Needle tea.

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