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Shou Mei Tea Long Noble Life Eyebrow 350 grams per piece present beverage food for family birthday gift

Fragrant and sweet, Shou Mei tea is a white Chinese tea characterized by its bold flavor. With a combination of tea buds and crescent-shape tea leaves, this tea contains fewer leaf tips than other white teas.
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  • Purely handmade works genuine Yixing tepot
  • Premium Dianhong pine needles black tea
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What is Shou Mei Tea?

This Chinese white tea was first created in the Fuding county in the Fujian province in China and today is it also grown in the Guangxi province.

Shou Mei is also known as Long Noble Life Eyebrow, due to its thin and crescent-shaped leaves that resemble eyebrows.

It can also be found under other names or different spellings such as Shu Mee, Sow Mei, Shou Mei Wang, Cha Wang Shou Mei, Longevity Eyebrow or Longevity Eyebrow King.

Once the tea leaves are harvested they are set to naturally wither under the sun. This tea undergoes almost no oxidation, just a slight natural process that gives it its dark color and bold flavor.

Finally tea leaves are dried and packaged careful so as not to damage the leaves unnecessarily.

Shou Mei Tea Benefits

Shou Mei tea is rich in antioxidants like all other white teas, which makes itabeverage filled with health benefits.

--Healthy Heart
--Immune System Boost
--Improve Mental Health
--Treat Digestive Problems
--Weight Loss Aid
--Dental Health

Drinking Shou Mei Tea

The moment has come to taste this wonderful tea.

Shall we learn how to brew Shou Mei tea properly?

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